Local development

To run the code for your challenge locally, you’ll need bun installed. Our test runners use Bun v1.1 (as of May 2024).

The script for your challenge (like ./your_grep.sh) will run the code using this version of bun. It’ll look something like this:


exec bun run app/main.ts "$@"

File structure

  • The files for your solution are placed in the app/ directory.
  • app/main.ts is the entrypoint for the program.

Adding more files

You can add more files and directories to app/. The test runner will include them when compiling your code.

For example, if you add a file at app/foo.ts, you could use it like so:

export function foo() {
    console.log('Hello from foo!');

export function bar() {
  console.log("Hello from bar!");

Refer to the Bun documentation for additional details.

Remember to add the export keyword to functions and variables that you want to export.

Adding dependencies

You can add dependencies to your project using bun add.

For example, to add zod as a dependency, run the following command:

bun add zod

This will add the following line to your package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "zod": "^3.0.0"

It will also update the bun.lockb file.

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