When you push code to CodeCrafters, we run three steps:

  1. Build: Prepare your project environment
  2. Compile: Transform your source code into executable format (if applicable)
  3. Run: Execute your program for testing

This document explains how to customize the compilation (Step 2) and execution (Step 3) of your code, both locally and on CodeCrafters servers.

Configuration Files

You can modify specific files in your project to control how your code is processed:

your_program.shLocal compilation and executionLocal only
.codecrafters/compile.shRemote compilationCodeCrafters servers
.codecrafters/run.shRemote executionCodeCrafters servers

Local Configuration


This script handles both the compilation (if necessary) and execution of your program in your local environment.

Modify this file to change your program runs locally.

Changes to this file DO NOT affect how your program is run on CodeCrafteers servers

Remote Configuration


This script is used to compile your program on CodeCrafters servers.

This file will be empty for interpreted languages like (e.g., Python, Ruby)


This script is used to execute your program on CodeCrafters servers.