This integration allows you to publish your CodeCrafters repositories to GitHub with just a couple of clicks.

Each CodeCrafters Challenge includes an option in the language dropdown menu to “Publish to GitHub”:

Once you click ‘Publish,’ any subsequent changes made to the master branch of your CodeCrafters repository will automatically sync to GitHub.

This synchronization is one-way – changes made to the GitHub repository will NOT sync back to your CodeCrafters repository.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I delete my CodeCrafters account?

Your CodeCrafters repository will be deleted but your GitHub repository will remain intact. If you choose, you can also delete your GitHub repository.

What happens if I delete my CodeCrafters repository?

Your GitHub repository will remain unchanged.

What happens if I push changes directly to my GitHub repository instead of my CodeCrafters repository?

It will have no effect on the CodeCrafters repository. As mentioned in the callout above, syncing is one-way only.

Who can see my published repository?

This is up to you. You can set this in the privacy settings of your GitHub repository.