When pushing your changes, you might see a message indicating that some files exceed the 1MB size limit:

If you encounter an error like this, it’s likely due to inadvertently committing files that are too large or not meant to be tracked (e.g., binaries or node_modules/).

Depending on when these large files entered your Git history, there are two ways to resolve this.

Solution 1: Amend last commit (Try this first)


Stage the large files for deletion

Run the following command:


This command removes the large files from your Git repository and locally.

For example to delete the ./server and ./release/target binaries shown in the screenshot above, run the following command:

git rm server release/target

Commit the changes

git commit --amend --no-edit --allow-empty

This will amend the previous commit with the changes.


Push the code

Finally, push your code:

git push origin master

If Solution 1 doesn’t work, it means the large files are present in an older commit and will require some extra work. Follow the instructions in Solution 2 below.

Solution 2: Amend historical commits


Install `git repo-filter`

You can install git-filter-repo manually or by using a package manager. For example, to install the tool with Homebrew, run the following command:

brew install git-filter-repo

For more information, see INSTALL.md


Delete the large files

Delete each of the large files using the following command:

git filter-repo --invert-paths --path PATH-TO-LARGE-FILE

This will remove the file from your Git history and local filesystem.

Add the path to the files you want to remove, not just their filename.


Restore your remotes and push

The git filter-repo tool will automatically remove your configured remote CodeCrafters Git repository. Restore it using the following steps:

Copy the CodeCrafters Git repository URL from the dropdown menu:

Run the following command in your local project folder:

git remote add origin CODECRAFTERS-GIT-URL

Finally, force-push your code:

git push origin --force --all

If you’re still running into issues after trying the the two steps above, please reach out to us at hello@codecrafters.io and we’ll help out!