How do I become a CodeCrafters Partner?

What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program allows customers and developer advocates to earn referral fees for introducing CodeCrafters to their friends and community.

What can I earn as a partner?

We pay out 60% of the revenue we collect from the customers you refer. For example, if you refer a customer to us that pays $6000 over their lifetime, you earn $3600. If you refer 100 such customers, you earn $360,000.

Subscribers spend up to $1188 annually. There are no limits to the earnings.

Is the Partner Program for me?

Software Developers, Advocates, Influencers — if you know developers, it’s for you :)

  • You can refer your friends, there are no minimums
  • You can refer your community through newsletters, Twitter, YouTube, etc — there is no cap

How do I make my referrals?

Once you sign up, we’ll create a unique referral link for you. You can share this link to make the referrals, and we’ll automatically attribute the signup and list it on your dashboard.

Your referral can try out CodeCrafters for free without a credit card, and upgrade to a paid subscription when they’re ready. Once their subscription status changes, it will reflect on your dashboard instantly, and your payout value will be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeCrafters?

CodeCrafters is a platform loved by software engineers to practice advanced programming concepts.

On CodeCrafters, engineers learn by deconstructing popular developer tools and recreating them from scratch — in any programming language. For example, someone looking to master Rust might do our Build your own Redis or Build your own Docker course — not only do they hone their Rust skill, they simultaneously strengthen their networking and systems programming knowledge.

How do we know engineers want this?

  • Our Build your own X repo is the 10th most popular GitHub repo (170k+ stars)
  • Our Hacker News launch was the 12th most popular YC HN launch of all time
  • Search Twitter / Reddit / HN for CodeCrafters
  • Used by developers at Google, Apple, GitHub, etc.
  • Backed by YCombinator and top developer leaders

How often do you pay out?

14 days after an earning is added to your dashboard, you can withdraw anytime.

How do I claim my earnings?

You can self-serve on your Partner dashboard and get paid via PayPal.

What payment methods do you support?

Just PayPal for now. Contact us if this is not feasible.

I have more questions

Email for any questions.


We created this program to share our wins with the developer community that has already been referring us to their friends and community. A genuine referral to your friends, community, or audience is welcome.

Malicious tactics are not welcome. It’s forbidden to:

  • Refer yourself to get a discount
  • Bid for advertisements that compete with CodeCrafters
  • Represent yourself or your relationship with CodeCrafters in a false or misleading way
  • Deploy tactics such as Typosquatting
  • Post CodeCrafters in general forums that have clearly no relevant audience

Payments are subject to the following conditions:

  • The minimum pay out is $100
  • Withdrawals are enabled 14 days after you receive an earning, to account for refunds and admin
  • CodeCrafters may ask for proper due diligence or KYC at any time

Engaging in malicious tactics will result in getting banned from the Partner Program.

Finally, CodeCrafters reserves the right to revise these terms at any time.