Once you’ve planned your challenge, you’re ready to start adding enough information to create the “overview” page.

We’ll use this page to pre-launch your challenge and start attracting early users who’ll help test your challenge & share feedback.

Paul will create a draft challenge for you and grant you access to it.

At the start, the overview page for the challenge will look something like this:

This page is generated from contents in course-definition.yml, which you’ll find in your course’s repository:

View Course Definition Reference for a description of all the fields in course-definition.yml.

You can edit this file to fill in the relevant information. Once the changes are merged into main, you can go to your course’s admin page to “apply” the changes.

Your course’s admin page is located at https://app.codecrafters.io/courses/<slug>/admin/updates.

Once applied, your changes should be reflected on the overview page. You can continuously tweak these details until you’re happy with them.

Let Paul know once you’re happy with the overview page for your course. You can now move on to building your challenge.